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    Heartburn analysis package

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    Can heartburn be a reference to some serious health disorders?

    Why do I have heartburn?

    Heartburn may reference over or under acidity of the stomach, but also more serious health problems. The heartburn package consists of 5 analysis, which provide information about the health of the stomach, acidity problems, occurrence of infections and malabsorption of vitamins. The analysis also help discover conditions of the stomach’s mucous membrane that are highly prone to cancer. Make an appointment with the Confido doctor, if you require assistance interpreting the analysis results.

    The package results will be delivered within 7 work days.

    The heartburn package consists of 5 analysis:

    • Helicobacter pylori IgG
    • Pepsinogen I
    • Pepsinogen II
    • Relationship between Pepsinogen I and Pepsinogen II
    • Gastrin-17

    Do not eat for at least 10 hours before giving a blood sample.

    Heartburn analysis package
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