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A urologist deals with diseases of the male urinary and genital organs and female urinary organs, as well as surgical treatment of adrenal gland diseases. The work of a urologist includes diseases that have occurred during life and also congenital developmental disorders.

The main problems and reasons for visiting a urologist: are kidney stones, removal of kidney stones, bladder stones, tumors, trauma, urination problems, incontinence, prostate enlargement, incontinence, impotence, vasectomy, and removal of the foreskin.

You can see a urologist without a referral. Reception financed by the Health Insurance Fund takes place only if there is a referral letter.

    Consultation with the urologist

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    The urologist deals with diseases and congenital developmental disorders of both male and female urinary systems and male reproductive organs (tumours, kidney stones, prostate enlargement, enuresis, traumas).

    The highly experienced urologists at Confido determine which cases need more specific examinations or surgical intervention. During the consultation, ultrasonography of the kidneys, urinary bladder or prostate gland is performed when needed. If necessary, the doctor will put together a plan of treatment and of action, as well as suggest the most appropriate clinic and doctor, and will give advice on how to prevent worsening of the condition.

    We recommend visiting our urologists for monitoring of the tumours of the urinary system or sexual organs. In the case of recurrent kidney stones, we perform metabolic examinations that clarify the reasons for their recurrence.

    In Tartu, we will provide this service from 2022.

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    Doctors can do a lot more for the patients if they come to the doctor’s office as soon as the problems occur.
    Consultation with the urologist
    130 €
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    Confido Medical Center
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    Service: Consultation with the urologist

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