About Confido

Confido Medical Centre was founded by medical doctors in 2013. Today, Confido has nearly 650 employees and provides over 4000 health services – both private services and services compensated by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. We offer comprehensive health solutions – preventive health services, primary and specialist medical care as well as surgical, rehabilitation and aesthetic medical services.

A healthier life for you

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of our clients, with the goal of helping them enjoy long, well-lived life throughout their lifespan.

Our mission is to help our customers live long, healthy and happy lives.

To this end, we work closely with our health-conscious customers to avoid diseases that can be prevented with regular monitoring and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to preventive measures, we can provide treatment at the most appropriate time, guaranteeing clients the best possible results and a quick recovery.

Patient-centric and high-quality treatment

We at Confido offer over 4000 services to support the health of our client’s health throughout their lifespan: preventive health services, primary and specialist medical care, surgical and rehabilitation treatments and aesthetic medical services.

Confido Group comprises Family Clinic, Internal Medicine Clinic, Skin and Laser Treatment Clinic, Surgery Clinic, Mental Health Clinic, Prevention and Rehabilitation Clinic, Nursing Centre, Radiology Centre, Occupational Health Centre and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

Convenient locations

We offer our services at various locations: medical centres at Veerenni Quarter in Tallinn and Raatuse Clinic in Tartu.

Confido Walk-in Clinics at Tallinn shopping centres provide fast help for your health problems – we offer assistance at the onset of initial symptoms of illness as well as in long-term health issues. We offer health check-ups, blood tests and vaccinations at weekends and outside of office hours during the opening hours of the shopping centres.

We offer aesthetic medicine services at Confido Medical Centre and Confido Aesthetic Clinic on the 4th floor of Viru Shopping Centre in Tallinn and at Raatuse Clinic in Tartu.

We can help you anywhere

Our services are available through convenient digital solutions, making taking care of your health quick, convenient and easily accessible. We can serve our clients at a time and place suitable for them and make the healthcare service accessible to all who need it by offering phone and video call appointments.

We also have helplines: the family physician helpline 1220 and the ‘Lastearst kuuleb’ paediatric helpline 1599.