For the insurance customer

From January 1, 2018, the employer can contribute up to €400 per year (€100 per quarter) per employee to the promotion of employee health without additional tax costs. The tax discount is valid on the condition that the employer has provided health insurance for all employees of the company.

If you have voluntary health insurance, you will be reimbursed for several Confido Medical Center services according to your insurance package. Your insurance company will reimburse the costs up to the maximum amount of the corresponding insurance cover, minus the deductible. If the insured is unable to pay for the service himself, he can contact the insurance company to obtain a letter of guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can I use within the framework of voluntary insurance?

Medical services will be reimbursed to you according to your insurance plan. Please note that aesthetic services are not reimbursed on the basis of voluntary health insurance. You can get information about the insurance package from your insurance provider. If the Confido Health Solution applies to you, you can find the relevant information HERE.

I have voluntary health insurance from another company. Can I visit the Confido Medical Center?

Of course! If you are covered by voluntary health insurance, you can choose which medical facility you use.

What documents do I need to be reimbursed for the services?

The submitted documents must show that the service has been provided to the insured.