Mental health specialists

Confido employs a variety of mental health specialists who deal with promoting mental health, preventing problems and improving functioning in the case of any disorders. Depending on the patient’s wishes, condition and treatment needs, the specialists either work alone or also involve specialists from other fields.

A referral is not needed to consult a mental health specialist.

Child’s mental health nurse

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Child’s mental health nurse is a specialist with special skills and knowledge who usually deals with children and adolescents up to 18 years of age.

The child may be referred to a mental health nurse for a variety of mental health concerns. Also, if you do not know whether it is necessary to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
The mental health nurse assesses the state of health and makes recommendations for both referrals and recurrent health counseling.

We provide this service

Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn
Tartu Raatuse clinic
6th floor, Raatuse 21, Tartu


Duration up to
Child's mental health nurse
70 €
Up to 50 min

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