Important patient information

Thank you for trusting Confido with your health care.
We at Confido offer over 4000 services to support the health of our clients throughout their life: preventive health services, primary and specialist medical care, surgical and rehabilitation treatments and aesthetic medical services.

We offer appointments both as paid services and in the case of many specialties, within the framework of the Health Insurance Fund agreement.

Booking an appointment

You can book an appointment through Confido’s self-service environment, by phone at 1330 or by sending an email to

Information on available appointments and service providers on the general waiting list of the Health Insurance Fund is available in the nationwide digital registration system or by calling +372 666 2727.

Confido has a treatment financing agreement with the Health Insurance Fund for appointments in the following specialties:



Paying for an appointment

If you book an appointment in the Confido self-service environment, you will be asked to pay for the appointment by online bank transfer or credit card.

If you book an appointment by phone or email, we will send you an advance invoice to the email address you provided.

At the Confido reception desk, you can pay both in cash and by card.

Note: The price of the service does not include additional services, including analyses, tests and procedures recommended by a specialist, which are not listed as part of the service in the service description. We will ask you to pay for these separately.

Upon visiting Confido for an appointment paid for by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, you must pay an appointment fee of €5. There is no appointment fee for:

  • pregnant patients upon presentation of their maternity booklet
  • patients receiving counselling at the youth counselling office
  • patients under 2 years old upon presentation of their ID document
  • patients who receive emergency outpatient care followed by direct treatment at the inpatient department
  • patients referred by other Confido specialists
  • patients referred by the same specialist working in another medical institution as part of the same medical case
  • a repeat appointment if less than 90 days have passed since payment of the visit fee for the previous appointment to the same physician

A referral is required to book an appointment for any of the specialities covered under the Estonian Health Insurance Fund contract (except for gynaecology, gynaecological prevention and dermatovenereology).

Changing or cancelling an appointment

If you want to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us no later than 24 hours before the agreed appointment time. We will help you find a new suitable appointment time or cancel it.

To change or cancel an appointment by email or phone, we will need your personal identification code.

Note: If you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before it takes place or if you miss the appointment, we will invoice you for the costs of being ready to provide the service. We will not refund advance payments made.

Important information about appointments

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Bring a photo ID (ID card or passport). If you come to the appointment with a person under your guardianship (including a child), please bring their identity document and birth certificate/document proving guardianship.
  • Before coming for the analyses, please read the guide for analyses.
  • Please bring your glasses or contact lenses (if you wear them) for the health certificate.

Preparing for appointment

Our doctors will appreciate it if you come to your appointment prepared. Take time to think and write down your observations about your health (keep a diary if necessary) and any questions you want answered during the appointment.

Preparation for analyses and tests

The prerequisites for various analyses and tests include correct preparation and a time when the procedures can be performed. Before booking an appointment, please read the guide below.

Preparing a child for a doctor’s visit/procedure

A child who has been well-prepared for an upcoming appointment or procedure will feel more at ease and secure. Begin preparing your child at least a couple of days before the appointment or procedure.

  • Explain to your child in simple and understandable terms why the appointment or procedure is necessary.
  • If it is your child’s first time undergoing a procedure, avoid prematurely instilling fear in them (for example, avoid phrases like “there is nothing to be afraid of” or “it will not hurt”), but be open and honest.
  • Discuss with your child what might make the doctor’s visit/procedure more pleasant for them
  • You can agree on a fun activity to do with your child after the doctor’s appointment.
  • Before a blood test, make sure your child has had enough fluids (clean, unflavoured water).

Your health and personal data are confidential

By booking an appointment for a service, you agree to the terms and conditions of the service. To provide the best service possible, our doctors and specialists have the right and duty to examine and process personal and health data both before the appointment and during the provision of service. All information that becomes known about the patient will be documented, recorded and kept secret from third parties. Please read Confido’s general and privacy terms and conditions.