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Location and contact
Veerenni Health Centre
Veerenni 53a/Töökoja 2, 4th floor
+372 6299 277

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 7pm
Friday 8.30am – 5pm
Blood analyses 8.30am – 9.30am

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Book by calling: +372 6299 277 or send an e-mail:

  • Health packages for women

    Prevention in the form of regular health check-ups is the most effective treatment.

    Our 18+ ladies and 45+ dames women’s health packages focus on the most important health information. We discuss your health risks and offer suggestions on how to stay healthy and improve your well-being. Conscientious choices help you be in charge of your life.

    The package includes:

    • Body composition analysis with explanations and advice
    • Gynaecologist’s consultation
    • Thorough analyses and tests
    • Relaxing therapy

  • Chinese healing therapies

    Our Chinese massage therapist Guizhi Ju, who has studied and worked under a Tao Master, offers treatment-based therapies to relieve people from tension and pains, to increase metabolism, support the immune system, get energies flowing, and make you feel great for days.

    Chinese Tui Na massage therapy »
    Chinese natural therapy »
    Chinese head massage »
    Chinese foot massage »
    Cupping therapy »

    We recommend starting with Tui Na massage, so the therapist can see and feel your body to recommend the suitable therapy form.
  • Travel consultation

    During a travel consultation, we will discuss all of the details of your trip and the health risks in those areas. In accordance to these details, we will compose a personal vaccination program and give recommendations on what measures of disease prevention and hygiene rules to follow and which medications and other resources to take along with you to protect yourself from illnesses.

    We will also take into account the needs of the children who may be travelling along.

    We will issue an internationally valid Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis certificate which states that vaccination against yellow fever has been done, which is required by many countries before entering. With travel vaccinations, travel consultation by Confido is always included. The price of the travel consultation is 20 euros (plus the price of the vaccinations).

  • Physiotherapy

    Unexpected injuries, traumas, or dislocations can happen to any of us. Often professional and personalised advice is required for the best advice and treatment. Physiotherapy focuses on preventing health problems, alleviating pain, and maintaining, improving, and restoring range of motion and strength of muscles.

    When do we suggest a consultation with a physiotherapist?

    • Muscle strains and joint pains, radiating pain in arms and legs
    • Neck and shoulder problems, overload syndrome
    • Headaches, lightheadedness, balance problems
    • Posture problems, lower back pains
    • To prevent and recover from sports traumas
    • Recovery after a surgery or trauma
    • Musculoskeletal problems due to forced positions
    • Recommendation from a doctor or a coach/trainer
  • Consultation with a ophthalmologist ist

    At Confido, the ophthalmologist handles preventing eye diseases, sending people to further diagnostics if she suspects a disease, and creating treatment plans in case of a disease.

    Several diseases are accompanied by eye problems and only regular examinations can detect and treat the problems on time.

    You should turn to an ophthalmologist if there are any problems with vision (such as reduced visual acuity or eye infections). Several severe eye diseases, but also systemic diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid or joint problems) don’t often reveal symptoms or pain. The ophthalmologist can only help if the problem is addressed at an early stage.