We have time to help you!

In order to help our clients and be there for you, we have opened a new paid helpline number 1500

- Your calls will be answered by doctors and nurses every day, from 9AM to 9PM

- We also offer an individual service that includes prolonging outstanding prescriptions and open sick leave notes

* calls will be charged by the minute at a fee of 2,50€, the operator fee will be extra

Location and contact
Veerenni Health Centre
Veerenni 53a, Tallinn 11313, 4th floor
+372 6299 277, info@confido.ee

Attention! Please allow for additional time for parking, if coming by car, due to construction work on the neighbouring property.

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 8.30am – 7pm
Blood analyses Mon-Fri 8.30am – 9.30am
X-ray from 17.03 Mon-Fri 1pm – 5pm
Ultrasonography Wed & Fri 8am – 7pm

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Book by calling: +372 6299 277 or send an e-mail: info@confido.ee.

  • Family and couples’ therapy

    The twists and turns of life can frequently cause various problems is couples’ relationships – anxiety, stress, or even depression. 

    Family therapy

    • Family therapy can help family members to restore understanding and trust amongst each other. 
    • Therapy takes place mainly in conversations. 

    Couples’ therapy

    • Couples’ therapy helps find the best ways to solve relationship problems and create the conditions to foster a new quality in the relationship.
    • Therapy is helpful for easing tensions and resolving conflicts, and in cases where the possibility of divorce is being considered. 

  • Speech pathologist consultation

    A consultation with a speech pathologist may be needed for a child who is just beginning to talk, a child who is already in school, or even for a grown-up. There’s nothing to be gained by waiting to visit a speech pathologist. The earlier a person in need of help can get it, the simpler and quicker it is to overcome difficulties with speech, reading, or writing.

    Common concerns that are brought to a speech pathologist:

    • Various pronunciation problems, speech disorders
    • Problems associated with learning to read or write
    • Muteness 
    • Diagnosed dementia or after suffering a stroke  

    If you notice that someone close to you may need the help of a speech pathologist, then you should schedule an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible.

  • Heart Health Assessment

    Our heart health package assesses your cardiovascular risk factors, and one of our specialists will give you a personalised action plan to prevent any potential heart issues. The risk assessment is especially recommended for anyone interested in their cardiovascular health and wishes to examine their health.

    Included in the health assessment:

    • Consultation with a cardiologist
    • Thorough testing
    • An assessment of arteries and cardiovascular risks
    • Cardiac stress test
    • Body composition analysis and counselling
    • Relaxing therapy

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