Dental care

We provide a comprehensive dental care service, which includes the treatment and prevention of oral and dental diseases.

Comprehensive approach

Confido Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to dental care. We offer services for the prevention and treatment of oral and dental diseases as well as emergency dental care.

Modern dental technology

The dental clinic uses the latest dental technology and diagnostic facilities for panoramic dental imaging, craniofacial imaging and 3D examinations. A 3D device with a field of view of 16×18 cm also helps ear, nose and throat specialists when needed. The clinic uses a Zumax microscope to perform root canal treatment and microsurgery. For dental scaling, we use EMS equipment developed in Switzerland, which allows the use of low-abrasive powder and ensures a quick, painless and effective procedure that does not damage the teeth and is also suitable for children.

High sterilisation standards

To ensure the safety of patients and healthcare workers, we adhere to high standards of workplace hygiene, instrument packaging and sterilisation. All instruments are patient-specific; handpieces are sterilised after each patient. An automatic hose disinfection system is used in dental chairs.


At Confido, you are taken care of for both minor and major dental concerns. Modern treatment rooms are equipped with televisions that show soothing and distracting scenes to make your visit to the dentist a worry-free and smooth experience. The dental clinic has a children’s play area and a parent-child room. The clinic is also conveniently accessible by wheelchair. Booking is possible by phone and in the self-service environment, and services can be paid for in several instalments, via after-payment or using a small loan. Many procedures can be covered by the employer’s health insurance.

Children’s dental check-up

Look for appointment times

Dentists recommend coming to the child’s first appointment six months after the appearance of their first teeth. Visiting the dentist early helps prevent cavities and other dental problems. It’s important to get your child used to going to the dentist at an early age so they don’t become afraid of it.

At the first check-up, the dentist will assess the child’s mouth and check their dentition and gums. The dentist will also check for any cavities. The dentist will ask the parent about the child’s oral hygiene habits and give their recommendations on how to look after the child’s dental health. If any problems are identified, the dentist will work with the parent to prepare a treatment plan.

Before going to the dentist, it is very important that the parent explains what will happen at the appointment. The child needs to feel safe.

Proper oral hygiene habits and techniques need to be addressed from an early age. Preventative check-ups and proper dental care can help prevent dental problems later in life. Early detection of oral diseases prevents having to spend money and time on potential dental problems in the future. It is recommended to have regular preventative check-ups twice a year.


  • Upper respiratory infections (e.g. influenza, COVID-19 virus)
  • Oral herpes

In the case of a runny nose or cough, the appointment may be unsuccessful. Please come to the appointment only if your child is healthy.

All children up to the age of 19 are welcome to the appointment.

Service providers


Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn


Duration up to
Children’s dental check-up
80 €
30 min

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