Therapies help to create clarity of mind and to unravel life’s tangles

Life has become very fast and the world cluttered, says Confido Private Medical Clinic’s Clinical Psychologist Margus Laurik. Many people find it hard to cope. Even those who we consider successful and use as our social yardsticks. Everyone will encounter problems, stress and difficult situations. Sometimes they continue to no end and cause a decline in well-being, cause sleep and eating disorders and conflict. It is good when people realise that they need help with their problems or to work through a crisis. However, it is too often believed nowadays, that only medications can help to solve such problems. Therapy is our first recommendation, which can be combined with medications if necessary. However, it often turns out that the medications are not needed. With the help of a psychologist and relationship therapy, being able to unravel life’s entanglements is completely normal and we encourage a patient’s ability to do this. Children, teenagers and adults can come to the Confido Medical Clinic and receive therapy in one-on-one, partner or group therapy sessions. Our psychologists and psychological therapists can help with stressors, relationship concerns, anxiety, mood, addiction and eating disorders, panic attacks and other mental health concerns. „The feelings with which a person comes to see a psychologist, largely depends on the attitude a person has. Attitudes are learned and help people to understand how they should feel and behave,“ explains Confido Private Medical Clinic’s psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist, Margus Laurik. „I have met people who have delayed coming to see a psychologist for many years, because they have the antiquated notion that coming to see a psychologist is a show of weakness. Another prohibitive stance that people take is when they believe they must deal with their own problems in life. Fortunately, attitudes about psychology are becoming more open minded and an increasing number of people find it normal to work with a psychologist and have the courage to talk through their problems.“

Two experts – you and the psychologist – working together

What distinguishes psychology from clinical psychology?
Attitudes about psychology are becoming more open minded and an increasing number of people find it normal to work with a psychologist.
„The world of psychology is extremely wide. Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with mental health. Researchers and practitioners who explore mental health risks, are developing increasingly more effective therapeutic methods for treating and preventing mental disorders. A clinical psychologist is a specialist with clinical psychologist certification. This certification confirms that the personal psychology training, refresher training, supervised practice and working methods have been assessed and the practitioner is competent to work with people in dealing with their mental health issues. As in any field of work, there is also a professional system that aims to verify and ensure the competency of their professionals.“ What should a person expect when coming to a consultation, which uses cognitive-behavioural principles and techniques? Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a structured way of working, which focuses on detecting and rectifying different and better ways of coping with problems. This method requires two experts, the psychologist as the expert in psychology and the patient, who is an expert about their own life, working closely together and using the patient’s own coping mechanisms within two therapy sessions. The goal is to change a person’s personal coping strategies within their own life, using tasks at home recommended by the psychologist. For example, self-monitoring to gather information about how a person deals with problems and issues, to verify if certain experiments or coping mechanisms work, or what new techniques help the most. „Some people must gather their courage for the first session together, but they do not need to prepare themselves in any other way. The most important part is the calm, two-sided discussion of important issues, which can always be supported by myself through guided questions,“ Margus Laurik encourages.
The goal is to change a person’s personal coping strategies within their own life, using tasks at home recommended by the psychologist.
Each situation has its suitable equipment Good mental health is the key to being able to deal with oncoming crisis, stress or difficulties. It is important to understand that no one is to blame for mental health problems; depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and so on, all have several different reasons for manifesting. Psychology therapists Jane Rannamets-Heinsalu and Rein Heinsalu use integrative psychotherapy methods in their work (ACT, dialectical behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, etc) to help a person find the resources to overcome stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship crisis and psychosomatic disorders, including sleeping problems. During therapy, it is possible to learn techniques that help to relax, focus, to guide oneself, to unravel the knots in one’s state of mind, to help you breath, and to free your thoughts and mind through exercises that help clear unwanted programmed thinking. The most suitable method of coping is selected based on what the problem is. Different types of methods are used by psychology therapists for teenagers.
“To help them through their crisis, I use all the lessons learned, a variety of therapies, my experience and wisdom,” explains Jane Rannamets-Heinsalu
„Every person’s story is unique. To help them through their crisis, I use all the lessons learned, a variety of therapies, my experience and wisdom. It is an individual tailoring that is given to each patient, working at bringing out the best in that individual,“ explains Jane Rannamets-Heinsalu on describing the nature of their work as a psychological therapist. What makes Rein Heinsalu’s work methods very specific is his higher education in theatrical science and psychology. „The first has taught me an in-depth analysis of human relations, the other in how to understand and change undesirable psychological conditions in humans,“ he says and continues, „As a health coach, I teach mindfulness and through Chinese Nei-Kung gymnastic exercises, ways to offset a loss of parameters, blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, positively influence digestion and metabolism. They are all connected to hormonal balance. A large portion of our own health is in our own hands!“ Other therapies supporting the state of mind and body In addition to the clinical psychologists and the psychological therapists working at the Confido Private Medical Clinic, there are other dedicated professionals (therapists and masseurs) who can assist in both the emotional and physical well-being of a patient. These therapies provide relief to several health concerns, to help rid the body of tension and to relax the body, mind and soul. Important to know:
  • It is important to book an appointment for therapy sessions.
  • Arrive ten minutes early.
  • Think through your worries thoroughly – when did they start and how have they changed.
  • The effect and process of therapy is different for each individual. Find the one that suits you best, asking for advice from our therapists and trusting in your own inner feelings.
  • We always recommend a course of therapy for chronic health concerns to help mitigate permanent change.
  • All our psychologists and therapists are able to consult in English.