Consultation and therapy session with a manual therapist

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Manual therapy can help diagnose and remedy specific skeletomuscular problems through precise manual techniques. Targeted manual techniques can help to balance and improve musculoskeletal structures.

During the first consultation, the manual therapist will assess the general health status, identify a problem through specific observation and manual testing, test the current state of musculoskeletal system, and carry our the first therapy session. If needed, the therapist can also recommend postural evaluation and ultrasound for a better understanding of muscular system.

Manual therapy is only effective if working with an experienced professional therapist as the therapy includes very exact muscle and joint manipulation. An experienced manual therapist Toomas Proovel offers manual therapy and examinations at Confido Medical Clinic.

Children from the age of 7 are welcome. Please bring your earlier examination results if you have access to these. Price 60 €, duration 50 minutes.

We recommend manual therapy in case of?

  • Neck and shoulder problems
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain (shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle issues)
  • Posture problems
  • Sports injuries and for recovery
  • Post-traumatic recovery
  • Post-surgical recovery (for example, back, knee, and shoulder surgery)
  • Forced positions or stress-related pain

Confido also offers:

  • Consultation and postural evaluation 50 min 80 €
  • Spinal assessment with spinal-mouse 30 min 40 €
  • Consultation with a manual therapist 30 min 40 €


Duration up to
Consultation and therapy session with a manual therapist
90 €
50 min

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