Twenty-four-hour Holter-monitoring of arrhythmia

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During a 24-hour period, Holter-monitoring records heart activity with a electrocardiogram. In contrast to short-duration ECG that is recorded while lying down, this monitoring takes place during the regular activities of the day and night. The monitoring is for recording possible heart arrhythmic activities, identifying blockages and assessing the success of the treatment.

We recommend the examination if

  • There are perceptible rhythmic disturbances
  • The character and frequency of the rhythmic disturbances recorded with a short-duration ECG need to be ascertained
  • There are rhythmic disturbances after a cardiac infarction
  • The success of anti-arrhytmic treatment needs to be evaluated
  • There are episodes of weaknesses or recurrent losses of consciousness for unknown reason

How is the test performed?

  • ECG electrodes are attached on to the chest.
  • A data recorder is attached to the body.
  • Then the examinee can go home and proceed with their daily activities.
  • They will be given a diary where all activities, complaints and the time of their occurrence need to be written.
  • During the test, it is recommended to refrain from intense physical activity such as sporting. The apparatus must not get wet which is why one must refrain from washing the body.
  • It is not allowed to remove the apparatus on your own. It is removed in our clinic the day after, approximately at the same time it was put on.

The examination results are evaluated by the referring doctor. In the absence of a referral letter, we recommend booking an appointment to interpret the test results.

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Duration up to
Twenty-four-hour Holter-monitoring of arrhythmia
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24 hours

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