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Confido employs a wide range of doctors and various specialists who will advise you on preventing health issues as well as diagnose and treat any existing conditions. You can turn to our general practitioners with unexpected and urgent health issues as well as chronic illnesses. In addition, Confido employs specialist doctors in all major fields who can help you in their area of expertise. Confido provides a range of tests on site, and if necessary we will refer you to other medical institutions to undergo testing. Our doctors also perform various medical procedures, up to and including surgery.

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    Consultation with an endocrinologist

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    An endocrinologist treats the diseases and malfunctions of the glands of internal secretion (pituitary gland, thyroid, male and female gonads and pancreas). Glands of internal secretion are important in keeping the internal environment of the body stable.

    Diseases of the glands of internal secretion are caused by the oversecretion or undersecretion of hormones, which disturbs the normal functioning of the body. Thyroid diseases and diabetes are the most frequent and common.

    At Confido, the endocrinologist consults, diagnoses, treats and advises diabetics, patients suffering from thyroid diseases and other endocrine disorders. If necessary, the doctor will refer patients to further analyses and tests. The price of the consultation is 100 euros.

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    As an endocrinologist, I will do my best to help find the best balance in your body.

    NB! We accept children from the age of 16.

    Consultation of endocrinologist (Tallinn)
    110 €
    30 min
    Consultation of endocrinologist (Tallinn - video consultation)
    110 €
    30 min
    Consultation of endocrinologist (Tartu)
    100 €
    30 min
    Consultation of endocrinologist (Tartu - video consultation)
    100 €
    30 min

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    Confido Medical Centre
    Veerenni 51, Tallinn
    Raatuse Health Centre
    Raatuse 21, Tartu

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    Service: Consultation with an endocrinologist

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