Risk assessment examination of cardiovascular diseases

The examination enables to assess the condition of the arteries in a fast and painless manner, to ascertain the likelihood of the development of a heart disease and to diagnose arteriosclerosis and its severity in the early stage of the disease. It is important to notice the pathological changes early on because severe complications such as stroke do not develop until the late stage of the disease.

The examination is prescribed by a cardiac health doctor/cardiologist prof Margus Viigimaa who evaluates its necessity during the consultation. The cost of examination does not include the doctor’s consultation fee.

Risk assessment examination of cardiovascular diseases

  • A cuff similar to a blood pressure monitor is placed on the upper arm.
  • The procedure is painless and takes 3–5 minutes. In case of low blood pressure, it could take longer.
  • The procedure does not involve probing of arteries.

We recommend the examination if

  • There have been premature strokes in your family
  • You have been diagnosed a cardiovascular disease
  • You represent many of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases such as little exercising, overweight, stress


Duration up to
Risk assessment examination of cardiovascular diseases
55 €
15-30 minutes

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