Hotman’s® test is used to diagnose hypertension with state-of-the-art technology, and determine the most suitable and efficient treatment with a individual-oriented approach.

The Hotman apparatus is a device that is connected with a computer. With mathematical algorithms, it performs an analysis and an assessment of the patient’s hemodynamic indicators, converting the data into a form that is easily understandable by the doctor, thereby enabling the doctor to analyse and compose a treatment plan for the patient. Hotman’s®-test is performed by prof Margus Viigimaa.

For whom is the monitoring for?

  • People with blood pressure illness whose medication is showing side effects.
  • People with hypertension who want to be sure that their treatment plan is optimal.
  • Patients whose previous treatment plan has not given the results needed.
  • Patients whose treatment has caused them feel ill.

How is the examination performed?

  • In order to assess the efficiency of the treatment, the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor has to have been followed 2-3 weeks.
  • The procedure is painless and it is performed while lying down.
  • Sensors will be placed on the neck and body that will measure the performance of the organs.
  • After the examination, the doctor will analyse the results and summarize and explain the them to the patient.


Duration up to
70 €
15-20 minutes

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