Kardioloog südamearst kardioloogia EKG vererõhk kõrge kolesterool südamehaigus isheemia infarkt südamepuudulikkus kardiomüopaatia rüdamerütmihäire südamehaigus südame probleem süda

Cardiology (Heart)

A cardiologist, or heart doctor, deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The main problems and reasons for visiting a cardiologist: heart-related diseases, coronary heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, valve malfunctions, rhythm disorders, or blood pressure disease unresponsive to conventional treatment. We also recommend consulting a cardiologist if you have a high family risk of heart disease (high cholesterol, early onset of heart disease, sudden death in the family).

A cardiology nurse (heart failure, atrial fibrillation) advises patients on taking medications prescribed by the doctor, monitors the condition, and advises on nutrition and lifestyle. A nurse also measures vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen content takes blood tests, and performs an EKG if necessary.

You can see a cardiologist or cardiology nurse without a referral. Reception financed by the Health Insurance Fund takes place only if there is a referral letter.

    Pacemaker check and programming

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    A pacemaker check allows the physician to assess the performance of the cardiac pacemaker and, if necessary, make changes to its technical configuration to ensure the optimal operation of the pacemaker. The procedure of checking a cardiac pacemaker is painless. A sensor is placed on the patient’s shoulder below the collarbone (in the area where the pacemaker is positioned) to check the performance of the pacemaker. During the check, a programmer can be used to change the technical parameters of the pacemaker. The pacemaker check lasts 20 minutes and is performed by Dr Hasso Uuetoa.

    Pacemaker check and programming
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    Service: Pacemaker check and programming

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