Insect venom allergy analysis package

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Wasp or bee venom allergy

Stinging may cause an allergic reaction

There is reason to believe in an insect venom allergy when the diameter of the swell, caused by a wasp’s sting, is greater that 10 cm and lasts for 24-48 hours. The allergy may be evidenced by itching and hives further from the area of the sting, swelling throughout the body, difficulty in breathing, drop in blood pressure or unconsciousness. The insect venom allergy analysis should be done, on the first opportunity after the sting – recommendably within 1-6 weeks. We recommend booking a time with the doctor for interpreting the analysis results.

The package results will be delivered within 3 work days.

The insect venom allergy analysis package consists of 3 analysis:

  • Bee venom component Api m1 IgE
  • Wasp venom component Ves v 5 IgE
  • Wasp venom component Ves v 1 IgE

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Insect venom allergy package
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