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At Confido, we truly believe that the most efficient way to stay healthy is to prevent disease. Our various health packages give you the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of your health status. You can opt for any of the packages available, depending on what you consider important or are concerned with. The packages include an assessment of your individual health risks and indicators and provide recommendations on how to take even better care of your health or alleviate existing conditions. If necessary, you will be referred for additional testing and asked to come to a consultation with our experienced doctors or a specialist if a health package reveals a reason to do so.

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    Anaemia analysis package

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    Can my tiredness be caused by anaemia?

    Constant tiredness is not inevitable

    Tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath and palpitation at low levels of exertion may reference anaemia. The anaemia package gives an indication of hemoglobin, iron, vitamin B12 and folate levels in the blood and determines anaemia or its preceding condition. You will know, after doing the analysis, if you should make dietary changes, supplement your diet with iron preparations or other vitamins. The Confido doctors can be of assistance in interpreting the results of the analysis.

    The package results will be delivered within 7 work days.

    The anaemia package consists of 6 analysis:

    • Hemogram with 5 part leukogram or white cell count
    • Reticulocytes
    • Soluble transferrin receptors
    • Ferritin
    • Vitamin B12 active form
    • Folate

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    Service: Anaemia analysis package

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