Lyme disease analysis package

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Might I have Lyme disease? The symptoms of Lyme disease can be different, so it is really impossible to say without a test!

Lyme disease is the most frequent illness connected to ticks in Estonia. One symptom of Lyme disease is a reddish patch, with a diameter of 5 cm surrounding the bite spot. The patch has a distinct border and widens. Lyme disease can also progress initially without any symptoms. Lyme disease is a serious illness, which may result in paralysis of facial nerves, inflammation of joints and meningitis. It is definitely worthwhile to come for a check, after being bitten by a tick. The Confido doctors can be of assistance in interpreting the results of the analysis.

The package results will be delivered within 5 work days.

The Lyme disease package consists of 4 analysis:

  • Lyme disease antibody IgG
  • Lyme disease antibody IgM
  • Antibody confirming test IgG
  • Antibody confirming test IgM

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Viru Walk-in clinic
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Rocca Al Mare Walk-in clinic
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Tartu Raatuse clinic
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Lyme disease analysis package
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15 min

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