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Ear flushing

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Ear flushing helps to remove wax build up from the ear canal. Cerumen is a resin of a sebaceous gland secretion, which helps to protect the ear from inflammation, dust and dirt. Usually the ear wax is soft and secretes from the ear on its own. If the ear canal is narrow and winding though, and the ear wax is dry and hard, an ear canal blockage can occur, which could result in loss of hearing and even ear pain.

Since the ear canal is sensitive and cleaning them at home with cotton swabs could easily injure them or push the ear wax deeper into the ear canal, we recommend consulting an expert to have the ears flushed in a proper and safe manner.

  • A couple of days before having your ears flushed, we suggest you use ear drops available from the pharmacy. These will help to soften the ear wax and make the removal easier when being flushed out.
  • If ear wax plugs tend to occur frequently, we recommend having your ears flushed regularly, to prevent loss of hearing and ear canal injuries.
  • Ear flushing is fast and virtually painless, takes about 15-20 minutes and done by experienced Family practice nurses.

If during the service it turns out that it is not possible to perform the ear flushing for reasons arising from the patient, the service must still be paid for. We will not refund the advance payment already paid.

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Rocca Al Mare Walk-in clinic
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Tartu Raatuse clinic
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Ear flushing
30 €

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