Nurses and midwives

Confido nurses and midwives provide primary advice on a wide range of health problems and engage in prevention so that you can stay healthy and maintain your health. All of our nurses, midwives, physicians and other specialists work closely together and, if necessary, you will be further referred to a colleague to obtain the necessary help.


Dermatology nurse

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A dermatology nurse advises patients on various skin problems, gives practical advice for preventing skin problems or coping with a specific disease. The nurse also provides recommendations on appropriate care products and/or procedures. The nurse does not diagnose or prescribe medication.

Symptoms for which we recommend a dermatology nurse consultation:

• acne
• pigmentation
• couperose, rosacea
• dry and sensitive skin
• dermatitis, eczema
• atopic dermatitis

If necessary, the dermatology nurse performs various procedures for an additional fee:

Dermatology nurse consultation
35 €
30 min

We provide this service

Raatuse Health Centre
Raatuse 21, Tartu
Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn

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Service: Dermatology nurse

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