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    Freezing of warts

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    Cryotherapy is most commonly used to treat warts, but our specialists use this method for a number of other problems. It is possible to book an appointment for cryotherapy of warts without prior consultation with a doctor. If necessary, a cryotherapy specialist may advise you see a dermatologist before the procedure. Both adults and children are welcome to book an appointment. 

    Cryotherapy is not performed if: 

    • the patient has Raynaud’s syndrome;  
    • the patient is under 8 years of age; 
    • the patient has a urticarial reaction. 

    Good to know about the procedure:

    • The exact time of the procedure depends on the diagnosis and the method of treatment, but on average the affected site is treated for 5-45 seconds. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated.
    • Liquid nitrogen causes the skin to feel cold, which may resemble a slight sting or tingle.
    • After the procedure, you may feel pain or tingling, which usually recedes within a few minutes to a few hours.
    • The procedure may cause a blister to appear which will subside within 1-2 weeks, at which point a scab will form to cover the blister.
    Freezing of warts (includes removal of 1-3 growths) Discount code MAI is valid from 1.05 - 31.05
    38 € 45 €
    30 min

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    Service: Freezing of warts

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