Birthmark removal with a laser

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Birthmark laser removal is a safe procedure that allows individuals to remove unwanted birthmarks for either aesthetic purposes or if the birthmark is constantly getting injured. Friction from clothes, shaving, UV radiation or other constant injuries have a risk of causing birthmark tissue to develop a dangerous tumour – melanoma.

Birthmark laser removal is an alternative to surgical removal, because in most instances it leaves no marks or the marks are barely visible. At the Confido skin and laser therapy treatment clinic, birthmark laser removal is done only by certified laser treatment doctors after an obligatory consultation and referral from a dermatologist Every birthmark the individual wants removed must be examined and the decision regarding how to remove them is made by the dermatologist.

In some cases, a recurring appointment with a dermatologist is necessary after the procedure.

How does birthmark laser removal work?

Birthmark removal only happens after a referral from a dermatologist. A biopsy is completed before removal if necessary. Before the laser procedure, a microneedle is used to make an anaesthetic injection into the area from which the mark will be removed. The laser therapy doctor directs a laser beam at the birthmark, which evaporates it without damaging the surrounding skin. There won’t be any bleeding as the blood vessels will be closed with a laser beam during the procedure. The depth of the treatment is precisely controlled and only birthmark tissue is removed. The skin will develop a crust after the removal is done, and the crust will disappear in due course. The place of removal will be treated with an antiseptic and a bandage will be applied after the procedure.

Healing following a laser removal is normally quicker and more comfortable and the scars are less visible. Take into consideration that each recovery is individual. The laser removal technique has been applied around the globe for several decades and they have proven to be safe and effective.


Contraindications for birthmark laser removal are determined by the dermatologist at the consultation that takes place prior to the procedure. Inform your doctor if you have any blood clotting problems, epilepsy, cancer, keloid scars, etc.

What to take into consideration before and after the procedure?
  • Before the removal of a birthmark, the individual needs to consult with a dermatologist for their skin and pigmentation to be evaluated. Every birthmark is different. We remove birthmarks with the laser as well as surgically at Confido. The dermatologist decides at the consultation which method should be used.
  • Definitely inform your doctor about any potential allergies.
  • Don’t go sunbathing (or visit a tanning salon) for two weeks prior to the procedure.
  • After the laser removal procedure is completed, a crust will form on the skin. Follow the advice given to you by our specialist. The crusts will naturally fall off between the next seven to ten days. Don’t remove them yourself. In addition, avoid moisturising and steaming your skin.
  • Do not go to saunas or spas for two weeks after the treatment.
  • Do not sunbathe or visit the tanning salon.
Can birthmarks be removed in other ways?

Birthmarks are also removed with a scalpel at the Confido clinic. At the consultation, a Confido dermatologist will conduct an examination to evaluate the skin and pigmentation, a dermatoscopy and a siascopy (if required), and they will determine the most appropriate removal method based on the patient’s individual characteristics.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the crust remain on the skin?

7–14 days. Please allow it to naturally fall off.

Will there be a scar after the birthmark laser removal?

In most instances, there won’t be a scar. The spot in the area of the birthmark will disappear in due time. In rare instances, the mark will remain visible, but it can be removed with laser resurfacing.

What advantages are there for birthmark laser removal at the Confido clinic?

We began birthmark laser removal procedures in 2002. We are the official laser medicine expert center in the Baltic States. At Confido, birthmark laser removal procedures are only done by certified doctors. Thus, we can offer patients the best and safest results with minimal discomfort.


Duration up to
Dermatologist consultation
(prior to removal)
110 €
30 min
Laser removal of skin formation in the body area (1pc)
110 €
30 min
Removal of any skin growth in the following body area
70 €
Laser removal of skin formation in the facial area (1pc)
160 €
30 min
Removal of each subsequent skin formation on the face
90 €
Laser removal of skin formations in the eye area (one eyelid)
185 €
30 min

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