Laser epilation (hair removal)

Laser epilation is an effective way to get rid of body hair as it removes hair permanently and does not damage the skin. It can be done on all areas of the body and has no age limit. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle and its pigment (which gives the hair its colour). The darker and denser the hair, the more effective the laser procedure.


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Skin ageing is a multifactorial process; two factors distinct and independent of each other are intrinsic and extrinsic skin ageing. Youthful skin maintains its resilience and elasticity thanks to its high water content. Daily external damage, in addition to normal ageing, causes the skin to lose moisture. A key molecule for maintaining skin moisture is HA-hyaluronic acid, which has a unique ability to bind and retain water.

Biorevitalisation is a procedure that deeply moisturises and improves the quality of the skin, during which hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants are injected into the deeper layers of the skin.

The procedure makes the skin of the face, neck, décolletage and hands smoother, more elastic and softer and slows down the ageing process. Hyaluronic acid ensures deeper hydration, makes superficial wrinkles recede and the skin tone more even.

After the hot summer sun or a cold winter, biorevitalisation helps restore the skin.

We recommend biorevitalisation in the following cases:

  • the skin is dry, thin
  • there are signs of ageing, fine wrinkles
  • skin elasticity has decreased
  • there are skin tone changes
  • pigment spots are present
  • after (and before) sunbathing and during the cold winter period


  • viral infections, including active herpes
  • inflammatory skin diseases
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
What do you need to know before the procedure? 
  • The biorevitalisation procedure is recommended from the age of 25 when the earliest signs of ageing appear.It is not recommended to use aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs three to seven days before the procedure
What do you need to know after the procedure?

Papules (3-5 days), redness and slight swelling (1-2 days), soreness and small bruises (7-12 days) may appear at the injection sites, which will disappear on their own. Ice packs and arnica gel can be used at home to ease the bruising.

After the procedure, it is recommended to avoid sunbathing, sauna and swimming for seven days.

It is not recommended to apply make-up on the skin for at least 24 hours after the procedure, as there is always a risk of infection with all medical procedures.

The final result will appear in around one week.

Biorevitalisation is suitable for women and men of all ages, whose healthy skin complexion is damaged and skin elasticity reduced.

Depending on the preparation, we recommend biorevitalisation either as a course (three times with an interval of three to four weeks) or a few times a year (after the winter and summer periods). If you are planning a trip to a sunny place, we recommend biorevitalisation to boost the skin twice before the trip and after the trip with an interval of approximately three to four weeks.

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