Laser epilation (hair removal)

Laser epilation is an effective way to get rid of body hair as it removes hair permanently and does not damage the skin. It can be done on all areas of the body and has no age limit. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle and its pigment (which gives the hair its colour). The darker and denser the hair, the more effective the laser procedure.

Laser epilation (hair removal)

Laser hair removal

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Laser epilation is a hair removal method that uses laser radiation to destroy hair follicles. It is a quick, effective and long-lasting medical procedure to reduce unwanted hair growth and also helps with ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal does not damage the skin and can be performed on all areas for both men and women.

The lasers used in the laser epilation procedure work on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This means that the laser pulse is absorbed by the hair pigment, as a result of which the hair follicle is destroyed, and since the hairs do not receive enough nutrients, their growth slows down and they partially fall out after the first procedure. The procedure removes existing hairs and prevents new and ingrown hairs from forming and growing. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, hair growth on the legs is reduced by 80-99% after a course of 6-12 procedures.

It is important to remember that during the course of laser epilation, only shave or use shaving or epilation cream. You should not wax or pluck the hair between procedures, as the hair must have a root that is destroyed by the laser. Otherwise, the procedure will not give the desired result. One day before the procedure, it is necessary to shave the hair in the area to be epilated.

What are the contraindications for laser epilation?
  • Open wounds, active inflammation
  • Active herpes
  • Skin diseases in the acute phase
  • A large number of birthmarks in the epilation area
  • If you suffer from oncological diseases, diseases of the immune system, diabetes, epilepsy, HIV infection, prior consultation with your doctor and specialist is necessary.
  • The procedure is not performed during antibiotic treatment (at least 1 month must have passed since the end of the treatment)
  • At least 6 months must have passed since taking photosensitizing drugs (isotretinoin, retinoid drugs).
  • The procedure is not performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • For those under 18 years of age, the procedure is performed only with the consent of a parent or guardian

Contraindications are relative, and the final decision about the procedure is made by a specialist during a personal examination and consultation immediately before the procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure?
  • Shave the hair in the area to be epilated 1 day before the procedure (the length of the hair must not exceed 1-2 mm on the day of the procedure).
  • At least 2 weeks before the procedure, avoid sunbathing, including in the solarium (risk of pigmentation).
  • Avoid plucking and waxing during the course of laser epilation. At least 4 weeks must have passed since plucking and waxing.
  • On the day of the procedure, avoid using cosmetics/creams in the area to be epilated.
  • Since the laser beam works only on hairs in the active growth phase, the procedure must be repeated at intervals of 4-6 weeks. The procedure must also be repeated because one procedure alone is not enough to completely remove the hair.
What to consider after the procedure?
  • Redness of the skin may occur, which usually disappears within 2-4 hours.
  • Avoid going to the sauna, hot tub, swimming pool for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • At least 2 weeks after the procedure, avoid sunbathing, including in the solarium (risk of pigmentation).
  • After the procedure, a soothing hypoallergenic cream (Bepathen or Panthenol) can be applied to the epilated area.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is laser epilation harmful to health?

The procedure has been used medically for hair removal for decades and is completely safe. During the procedure, there is no negative impact on the patient’s skin or body.

  • How many procedures does a hair removal course include?

Usually, the length of the course is 6-12 procedures.

  • How long does the laser hair removal procedure take at the Confido clinic?

15-60 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

  • What is the advantage of laser hair removal at the Confido clinic?

We are the official expert center for laser medicine in the Baltic States, only certified medical personnel who use expensive and modern world-class equipment perform procedures in our clinic. Therefore, we can offer patients high-quality and safe results with minimal inconvenience.

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Duration up to
Pre-laser epilation consultation
25 €
Epilation one pulse
10 €
Epilation of the knees
65 €
Epilation of the thighs
180 €
Epilation of the shins (below the knee)
150 €
Full length epilation for legs
270 €
Laser hair removal from lower legs 3x treatment course
360 €
30-40 min
Laser hair removal from legs, full length 3x treatment course
660 €
50-60 min

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