Men’s skincare

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Men’s skin is thicker, darker and more robust than women’s. Their skin has more sebaceous glands than women and enlarged pores due to the more intensive sebum secretion. Corium or dermis with a higher amount of elastin and collagen fibres, which maintain the skin’s moisture content, elasticity and firmness, helps protect men’s skin from environmental impacts.

Thanks to hormones, men’s skin remains young for longer but when it starts to age, it rapidly becomes thinner and the signs of ageing are more clearly visible on their skin than that of same-age women. Alcohol, tobacco, an unhealthy diet, UV radiation, temperature changes, pollution, air from air conditioners, excessive computer radiation, stress and lack of sleep have devastating effects on the skin.

We recommend a monthly visit to a cosmetologist for men. Acid peeling removes damaged skin layers to a controlled depth and stimulates the reproduction of new, healthier cells as well as the production of water-binding substances in the skin. The main purpose of neutralised acid is to stimulate the function of skin cells, speed up the production of collagen and elastin fibres and restore intercellular communication.

The facial skin treatment is performed using the world-renowned Laboratoires Renophase Paris dermacosmetics series  Renophase. The treatmentincludes cleansing and exfoliating the skin and using the corresponding active substances, serums, masks and creams that meet the needs of your skin.

Please note that we cannot perform the treatment on a beard. It is recommended to shave the facial area before the procedure.

For best results, the treatment should be accompanied by a daily home skin care routine with gentle acid products. With the help of a cosmetologist, you can find the best products for your skin type that will support its treatment and the achievement of results.


The impact of men’s skincare on their skin
  • removes dead skin cells
  • ensures the skin’s natural glow and hydration
  • speeds up microcirculation
  • promotes the production of new skin cells
Acid treatment cannot be performed if the following conditions are present
  • viral infections
  • inflammatory skin diseases
  • injured skin surface
  • intolerance of products used for the procedure

We provide this service

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Tartu Raatuse clinic
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Men’s skincare
85 €
45 min
Beautician consultation
25 €
20 min

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