Prevention and wellbeing

Prevention and wellbeing

Massage is a method for restoring both the body and the mind. It balances the psyche, relaxes the muscles, activates the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems and increases the body’s resistance to disease.
The main reasons for consulting a massage therapist are relieving muscle tension and pain, reducing stress, recovering from and preventing injuries, increasing joint mobility and supporting health in chronic diseases.

Facial and cleavage massage

The face, neck and cleavage massage has a relaxing effect in case of stress, tension and fatigue and helps to relax facial muscles, stimulate microcirculation and reduce swelling. Massage improves skin texture, muscle tone and helps prevent skin problems.

Before the massage, the area is cleaned with facial cleansing water.


• Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
• Skin inflammations and wounds
• Infectious diseases
• Acute respiratory diseases
• Diseases of the nervous system
• Recent face and neck surgeries


Duration up to
Facial and cleavage massage
40 €
30 min

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