Weight management

At the Confido Weight Management Centre, we offer comprehensive, scientific and healthy solutions for maintaining, losing or gaining weight. We will guide you in setting goals and achieving them by offering various health services and a support network to help you reach your desired weight, improve wellbeing, prevent diseases or keep chronic diseases under control and nourish your body with a healthy lifestyle.

Your goal to lose, gain or maintain weight will be supported by the best specialists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and personal trainers.

Weight Management Centre’s services include:

  • weight-related tests (e.g. blood tests, body composition analysis);
  • a doctor’s consultation with the necessary treatment plan (depending on the indications/needs, the doctor may recommend, for example, semaglutide treatment);
  • nutritional counselling and therapy, a diet plan;
  • a personalised exercise plan;
  • a consultation with a mental health specialist (e.g. mental health nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist);
  • body treatments (e.g. fat cell reduction, skin toning, muscle stimulation, cryolipolysis, shockwave therapy and electromagnetic muscle stimulation);
  • if necessary, surgical intervention (bariatric or gastric bypass surgery and/or aesthetic surgery.)

The weight management centre is for you if:

  • you wish to lose weight and reach your goal in a healthy way;
  • you need support in implementing sustainable healthy lifestyle changes;
  • you have tried different diets but the weight always comes back;
  • you have some extra weight or excess postpartum weight that you have not been able to get rid of;
  • you want to get rid of a beer belly, stubborn belly fat, stress eating or late night snacking.

The Confido Weight Management Centre has a wide range of options for achieving your goals. Choose the services that suit you or pick a premade package deal.


Functional pilates

Pilates is a whole-body systemic workout that supports good posture and daily movement. The main aim of Pilates is to stabilise the spine, strengthen core muscles and achieve mental and physical balance. Functional Pilates also helps regulate the metabolic rate.

Pilates workouts focus on correct breathing, precision of movements and technical performance. Muscle groups are trained as a whole and the aim is to involve the smaller muscles of the body in the workout.

Functional Pilates involves all the muscles of the body, including deeper layers of muscles. Exercise helps to strengthen and shape the body, develop flexibility and also helps to improve muscle endurance. Functional Pilates is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

What should you know?

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • After the class, there is generally no fatigue, so you can freely continue with your daily activities
  • We recommend attending at least four Pilates classes so that the body and mind can adapt to the new information

Benefits of Pilates

  • Develops all aspects of physical fitness: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, endurance and agility.
  • Increases physical self-awareness and control over your body
  • Teaches correct muscle activation
  • Corrects posture and stance
  • Stimulates the optimal functioning of internal organs
  • Improves balance
  • Provides an opportunity to develop concentration and focus
  • It functions as general physical training to develop athletic performance and daily activity.

See also private Pilates classes

Classes are held on Tuesdays at 16:00 in the hall on the 6th floor of the Confido Medical Center and on Fridays at 16:00 in the hall on the 5th floor.

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Functional pilates
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