An ultrasound is used to examine the abdominal area (gallbladder, liver, pancreas, kidneys), neck area, blood vessels and blood flow, muscles and joints. The doctor makes the decision on whether you need an ultrasound, but if you have health concerns and want peace of mind, you can also come for the examination without a referral.

Please note:

  • Booking an appointment in advance is required for an ultrasound. Please arrive for the examination on time (min. 10 min before).
  • Proper patient preparation is essential for a successful ultrasound examination.
  • If you have a referral from your general practitioner, please call 1330 to book an appointment or email and inform customer service of the referral.
  • In the case of a multi-region ultrasound, each region requires a separate referral and appointment time.
  • Without a referral, we perform routine ultrasounds that do not involve punctures or biopsies.
  • Paid ultrasounds can be directly booked through the online system, in which case you will need to pay for the examination yourself.
  • Confido does not perform ultrasounds on nerves, renal arteries, mammary glands and fingers. In addition, Confido does not carry out brain research on infants. Ultrasounds of limb arteries are only performed with a specialist’s referral (ultrasounds of peripheral arteries are not performed with a family doctor’s referral).

Thyroid, joints, blood vessels, etc. ultrasound examination

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Thyroid, neck area, joints, blood vessels, soft tissues and testicles ultrasound examination 

Ultrasound examination uses harmless ultrasound waves for imaging. Ultrasound waves are emitted into the patient’s body using an ultrasound probe. The waves are reflected back from internal organs and are then transformed into images on a computer screen. Ultrasound examination is informative when visibility is good.

We ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the appointment time.

The examination usually takes 10-20 minutes.

Preparing for the examination  

No preparation is needed for the ultrasound examination of the neck, thyroid, soft tissues, joints, testicles and blood vessels. 

The examination 

  • Ultrasound examination is painless.
  • The examination does not involve the use of X-rays.
  • There are no contraindications for the examination.
  • Wear something light and comfortable.  Clothing must be removed from the examination area. Additionally, any jewellery (necklaces, earrings, etc.) should be removed from the area being examined.

During the examination, you will need to lie down or sit on the examination table and ultrasound gel will be applied to your skin to allow the ultrasound waves to penetrate the skin more effectively. The ultrasound gel does not stain clothes or skin.

The examination room is dimly lit to enhance the visibility of the images displayed on the screen.

After the examination  

You may empty your bladder after the examination if necessary. You can eat and drink as usual.

Examination results  

You will receive the examination results from your treating doctor. If you have not scheduled a follow-up appointment or call-back time, please contact the referring department.


Thyroid ultrasound examination
60 €
Ultrasound examination of joint(s) (one area)
60 €

We have several payment options. Read more HERE.


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