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    Dust allergy analysis package

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    Does dust cause allergy in me?

    Dust allergy

    Nobody likes dust, but for some it even causes allergy. The most common symptoms, in the case of inhaled allergens, are itchiness of the nose, mouth, throat and eyes, drippy or stuffy nose, sneezing, red and watery eyes, as well as skin rash. It is worthwhile to make an allergen analysis, If you constantly or seasonally have the described symptoms. We recommend going to a doctor’s appointment for interpreting the results of the analysis.

    The package results will be delivered within 5 work days.

    The dust allergy package consists of 6 analysis:

    • House dust mite antibody IgE
    • Cat epithelium and dandruff antibody IgE
    • Dog dandruff antibody IgE
    • Birch pollen antibody IgE
    • Artemisia pollen antibody IgE
    • Timothy pollen antibody IgE


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    Service: Dust allergy analysis package

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