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Confido's mental health team includes various specialists whose job is to keep mental health in check, prevent issues and improve ways of coping with disorders. Depending on the wishes and treatment needs of the client, specialists either work alone or in a team together with representatives of other areas at the Centre of Mental Health.

Prenatal and Postpartum Counseling

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A pregnancy crisis counselor uses evidence-based counseling techniques, conciders the needs of the patient and the counseling objectives, and supports the client and their loved ones, if necessary, in coping during pregnancy planning, pregnancy, and the postnatal period.

Prenatal and postpartum counseling can be one-off or recurring events. The pregnancy crisis counselor works closely with gynecologists, midwives, psychiatrists, psychologists, and specialists. The best solution to the client’s problem is found by applying several fields of knowledge.

We recommend a consultation with a pregnancy crisis counselor:

  • to discuss changes in the relationship and the role of a parent during pregnancy
  • to discuss emotions and physical changes during pregnancy
  • for women who have had a miscarriage or abortion
  • in the event of an unplanned pregnancy
  • for mothers with a history of negative or traumatic childbirth during the period of planning and preparing for a new pregnancy
  • in the case of fear of childbirth
  • during infertility treatment
  • after the birth of a premature or special needs child
  • for postpartum mood depression, insecurities, and difficulty adjusting
Prenatal and postpartum counseling (video consultation available)
50 €
up to 50 minutes

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Service: Prenatal and Postpartum Counseling

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