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Disease prevention and early detection and can help prolong your lifespan and longevity and reduce the incidence of disease. Both consultations with doctors and examinations/tests to monitor women’s health and intervene in time play an important role in disease prevention.

Pelvic floor muscle therapy package

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The pelvic floor muscle therapy package is intended for women suffering from pelvic floor problems:

  • urine leaks (including during exercise)
  • depressions (anterior/posterior vaginal wall, uterine depressions, etc.)
  • postpartum pain in the genital area (at rest, with movement, during intercourse or even during a gynaecological examination)
  • numb and uncomfortable sexual intercourse
  • pain in the pelvic area, lower back, abdomen, pain after hysterectomy or other gynaecological surgeries

This therapy is suitable for those who do not feel their pelvic floor muscles and want to start training them effectively.

At the first visit, the physiotherapist thoroughly evaluates the strength, endurance and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles and prepares a rehabilitation plan according to the patient’s individual goals. The physiotherapist teaches proper deep muscle activation and tightening and relaxation techniques. As needed, manual therapy is used to relax, mobilise and reduce the pain in the muscles. If you have muscle sensation problems, the physiotherapist will use biofeedback training or muscle stimulation in order to detect the right muscles. The physiotherapist will then teach you the exercises you need to do on a daily basis during the rehabilitation period and give you recommendations on how to use your home exercise equipment.

A repeat visit will take place in four to six weeks, during which progress will be assessed and the rehabilitation plan will be modified accordingly. During the last visit, the physiotherapist will teach you techniques for the rest of your life to control your abdominal pressure during more intense workouts to avoid excessive pressure on the pelvic floor.

The package includes one primary 60-minute consultation with a physiotherapist or a postpartum screening and two 30-minute follow-up consultations with a physiotherapist.

The package and the services included in it can be used within 12 months from the date of the first reservation of the package. We do not refund money for an unfinished package and we do not change services within the package.

Please note: There should be no menstruation or gynaecological inflammation present when coming to the appointment.

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Pelvic floor muscle therapy package
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