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Personal training

Personal trainer considers your current training and state of health and instructs you on how to effectively move towards the set goal. Choose personal trainer if:

  • You want to reach your objectives healthily and quickly.
  • You require extra motivation.
  • You need help improving your technique.
  • You want your workouts to be varied.
  • You want someone to supervise you and help track your progress towards your desired results.
  • You want to choose the most effective exercises.
  • You want to build muscle mass.
  • You are in the process of recovering from an injury.
  • Your progress has plateaued.

    Pilates personal training for children

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    Pilates is a comprehensive workout that involves the entire body and helps to achieve good posture and everyday movement. The primary objective of Pilates is to stabilise the vertebral column, strengthen the core muscles and accomplish both mental and physical balance. In addition, Pilates can influence the speed of metabolism.

    During the workout, exercises are done on a mat and using specific Pilates equipment, such as a chair, reformer or spine-corrector. A specialist chooses the exercises depending on age, individual needs and health condition. 

    Pilates is open to children between the ages of 10 to 18. The knowledge they receive at this age range will have a long-term effect on them that they can benefit from throughout their entire lives. 

    Why is it worth joining and what benefits will it have?  

    Pilates helps shape and support the development of natural posture throughout childhood. Great posture depends on the development of the vertebral column as well as the internal organs. If a child’s back muscles aren’t strong enough, it may be hard for them to straighten their back. Weakness in the back and spinal muscles may lead to decreased lung capacity, digestive issues or headaches.  

    Benefits of Pilates

    • Increased self-discipline and concentration. 
    • Greater motor coordination, faster metabolism and increased muscle strength.  
    • Cardiovascular and nervous system stabilisation. 
    • Corrects posture and balance. 
    • Develops focus of concentration and attention. 

    The classes take place in Tallinn, in the fifth floor hall at the Confido Medical Centre (Veerenni 51).

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    Confido Medical Centre
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    Service: Pilates personal training for children

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