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A headache is the most common nervous system disorder. Approximately 50% of adults have headaches throughout the year and most of them are mitigated without going to a doctor. However, headaches can be so severe or frequent that they cause significant disruptions to daily activities.

Emergency treatment of headache

In the case of a prolonged migraine attack or another severe headache, treatment options at home may be limited. In order to receive effective help, we recommend turning to a medical institution.

At the Confido Headache Centre, we can provide emergency treatment to a patient who has a prior medical diagnosis of headache. You will be consulted by a neurologist specializing in headaches, who, after a conversation and an examination, will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Based on the patient and the type of headache, we use the following for the treatment of headaches:

  • Intravenous medications, such as pain relievers, anti-nausea medicines, and special medicines for relieving migraine attacks. In addition, we administer fluids to the patient through a vein.
  • Nerve blocks, i.e. anesthetic injections to the nerve roots. Nerve blocks are most often used in the occipital region, but these injections can also be made in the forehead or temple region.
  • Neuromodulation, which means headache relief using electrical impulses. For this purpose, a light portable device (e.g. gammaCore) is placed on the skin either in the head or neck area.

Please note! Turn to the emergency department or call an ambulance IF the headache needs immediate relief AND

  • you have no prior definite diagnosis of headache and/or the headache is different in character than it was before;
  • the headache has occurred during physical exertion or the headache has become very strong very quickly (like a knife attack).

Appointments for emergency headache treatment take place on business days. Appointments can be booked by calling Confido Call Centre on 1330 and in person at Confido clinics.

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Emergency treatment of headache
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