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Proctological surgery

Proctological surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the anus and rectum. We offer both conservative and minimally traumatic operations, which are much more comfortable for the patient than conventional surgical procedures.

Booking a surgery

Surgical procedures require a prior appointment with a doctor in the relevant specialty, who will put together your treatment plan. Book an appointment with a specialist online or call the short number 1330. Please familiarise yourself with the instructions and the rules for operation patients before the treatment/operation.

    Removal of genital warts

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    Genital warts, also known as condyloma, are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) that can appear on the genitals, anus, mouth, and throat. While generally benign, they can cause itching, discomfort, and bleeding in some cases.

    Removal of genital warts is a procedure that involves removing the warts from the skin surface. This can be done through various methods, including freezing, surgical excision, and laser removal.

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    Service: Removal of genital warts

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