Aare Mehik

Urologist, surgeon

Docent Aare Mehik has graduated from the faculty of medicine at the University of Tartu (1977), specialised in urology at the University of Oulu (1992), received his doctorate of medicine in 2001 and also a docent of urology (2014). The doctor has taken numerous further classes and seminars in urology and surgery over the decades. He has received several prestigious professional awards for developing the field and contributing to existing scientific literature. In 2017, Dr Mehik was awarded with The urologist of the year title in Finland. Aare is part of Finnish Doctors’ Association, Finnish Urologists’ Association, European Urologists’ Association, and is an honorary member of Royal Society of Medicine. Docent Mehik is mostly interested in bladder, prostate, and kidney problems and also in the reconstructive surgical options among urological oncology patients.