A proctologist deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment control of diseases of the anus and rectum. Several research methods are used in proctology: endoscopy (anoscopy, proctoscopy, colonoscopy), endorectal ultrasound, defecography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Varicocele is a condition where the veins in the scrotum become enlarged. In most cases, it is left-sided, but sometimes it can also occur on the right side. The cause of varicocele is weakened vein valves, which leads to backflow of blood in the veins and causes their enlargement.

In older age, the development of varicocele can also be caused by a kidney tumor. In most cases, varicocele does not cause any discomfort. The classic symptom is pain that increases when sitting or standing.

In up to 20% of cases, varicocele can cause a decrease in sperm quality and infertility. Although varicocele usually occurs in only one testicle, it can affect spermatogenesis or sperm production in both testicles. Asymptomatic varicocele, without symptoms, does not require treatment.

Treatment options
Surgical treatment – a skin incision is made in the left lower abdominal area, the enlarged testicular vein is located, and it is cut and ligated. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

The operation can also be performed by laparoscopic method, where a special camera and instruments are inserted into the abdominal cavity through 3 skin incisions, the testicular vein is located and cut and ligated. If primary surgical treatment is ineffective, angiography and closure of the blood vessel or embolization are performed. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

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