A proctologist deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment control of diseases of the anus and rectum. Several research methods are used in proctology: endoscopy (anoscopy, proctoscopy, colonoscopy), endorectal ultrasound, defecography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Proctologist consultation

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A proctologist is a specialist who provides diagnostic and treatment services related to the rectum, rectal area and anus. At the Confido Laser Treatment Clinic, proctology services are provided by experienced doctors. By visiting a proctologist early, it is possible to detect dangerous diseases on time and prevent serious health problems.

Symptoms and treatment

Consult a proctologist if you are concerned about pain in the rectum and anus. Do not put off visiting a proctologist due to embarrassment or misunderstandings, as our clinic’s proctologists will take your concerns seriously and responsibly.
The Confido Laser Treatment Clinic performs diagnostics, treatment and removal of haemorrhoids, opening of abscesses, removal of polyps, treatment of anal itching, haemorrhoid ligation, non-surgical treatment of anal fissures as well as modern high-tech minimally invasive surgeries.

Initial proctologist consultation

During the first consultation, the proctologist will listen to your complaints, review your medical history and perform an examination. Depending on the individual complaints, the patient may be prescribed laboratory tests, examination with an anoscope or rectoscope, or a consultation with another doctor. Visual inspection is carried out lying down or on a special chair, depending on the complaint. If necessary, a digital rectal examination is performed (using a special gel to reduce discomfort). The examination allows the proctologist to assess the mucous membrane, anal canal, sphincter contractions, haemorrhoids and possible new formations. There is no need to perform an enema before the appointment, but you should have had a normal bowel movement in the morning.

Treatment of proctological diseases

The Confido Laser Treatment Clinic offers almost all the modern treatment methods. With timely treatment, it is often possible to limit the treatment to medication, which includes the use of various medications to reduce inflammatory processes, as well as the use of local anaesthesia (suppositories, gels, ointments).
In more complex cases, various methods of node removal (sclerotherapy, ligation, etc.) or minimally invasive surgical intervention are used – node removal (including with devices), stapling method.
To achieve the maximum result, in addition to minimally invasive procedures or surgeries, suppositories and ointments, medications to strengthen blood vessels or physiotherapy may be prescribed. Non-drug treatment includes special diets, hygiene control and exercise.

If necessary, the proctologist will refer you to give blood tests and other biological materials or perform an ultrasound or a biopsy (with subsequent cytology and histology if necessary). The proctologists at the Confido Laser Treatment Clinic work closely with other specialists, ensuring the best quality solutions to almost any problem.


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