Paediatric neurologist’s consultation

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    A paediatric neurologist diagnoses and treats diseases of the nervous system in children. A paediatric neurologist consultation is available for children aged 1 month to 18 years. 

    A paediatric neurologist should be consulted if the child displays a delay in development, i.e. if they have a movement disorder, a speech disorder and/or a mental disorder, or if the child is making ‘strange movements’. A paediatric neurologist consultation is also sought for the following reasons:

    • restlessness in infancy
    • hyperactivity and attention disorders
    • muscle tone abnormalities (spasticity, hypotonia)
    • gait abnormalities
    • seizures and epilepsy
    • dizziness
    • balance disorders
    • headaches
    • sleep disturbances
    • hyperkinesia or involuntary movements (tics)
    • autism
    • progressive diseases (deterioration of gait, speech regression, vision loss, etc.)
    Paediatric neurologist’s consultation (video consultation available)
    70 €
    30 min

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    Service: Paediatric neurologist’s consultation

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