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    Consultation for headaches

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    Headaches are common among adults, but nowadays even children have them. Many people suffer from headaches every day. Sometimes they are caused by other diseases. The most common headaches are stress headaches, cluster headaches and migraine headaches. Less common headaches are headaches from cold or flying, vertigo migraine and headaches arising from sexual activeness. Headaches caused by medicine are also on the rise.

    Headaches are chronic if they occur more than on half of the days of the month. It is usually thought that it is impossible to get of rid of chronic headaches, but with the right identification, diagnose of the disease and with the right lifestyle and medication, it is possible to avoid it.

    We recommend consulting Prof Toomas Toomsoo in case the headaches persist despite following the advice of the GP, since his speciality is discerning the types of headaches (differential diagnostics) and finding the best treatment plan and giving advice.

    Consultation for headaches
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    Service: Consultation for headaches

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