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A headache is the most common nervous system disorder. Approximately 50% of adults have headaches throughout the year and most of them are mitigated without going to a doctor. However, headaches can be so severe or frequent that they cause significant disruptions to daily activities.

Neurology consultation (headache)

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Headaches are the most common disorder of the nervous system. Approximately 50% of adults have headaches throughout the year and most of them are treated without going to a doctor. Still, some headaches can be so painful or frequent that they disturb daily activities and require medical intervention.

In this case, we recommend booking a consultation with a neurologist to diagnose and treat the headache. During the consultation, we will find the cause of the headache and, depending on the diagnosis (e.g. migraine, cluster headache, tension headache), make a treatment plan to improve the patient’s quality of life. The team for headache treatment includes a neurologist, a headache nurse, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

The consultation is also a great way to get an expert assessment on a previous diagnosis or change a treatment plan.

Some tests may be performed for an additional fee to clarify the diagnosis, if necessary.

Please be sure to fill out the headache questionnaire before the neurologist visit – so the doctor can get to know the causes and nature of your headache in advance.

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Neurologist appointment (headache)
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Neurologist appointment (headache)
100 €

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