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Nasal septum surgery (septoplasty)

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The nasal septum is a partly cartilaginous and partly bony structure that separates the two nasal cavities.
Nasal septum surgery, or septoplasty, straightens the curvatures of the nasal septum and thereby improves nasal breathing. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes place inside the nose and nothing can be seen externally after the operation.

Immediately after surgery, nasal breathing may be obstructed, you may have tampons in the nose and a bandage under the nose. Your doctor will inform you how to deal with nasal tampons.

The course of the operation

• The straightened nasal septum is usually fixed at the end of the operation with plastic plates that are sewn shut and are removed from the nose by the doctor usually a week after the operation.

Post-operative care

• Headache and mild to moderate fever (usually less than 38ºC) may occur after surgery. Use paracetamol (available over the counter) to relieve pain and fever.
• Home nose care is important for a good postoperative result and a faster and easier recovery! The nose must be rinsed with saline solution 3-5 times a day and moistened with nasal oil or ointment 3-5 times a day. If necessary, your doctor will give you exact instructions.

Due to the risk of bleeding, avoid it for two weeks:

• strong physical exertion
• heat procedures (bath, sauna, solarium, etc.)
• from blowing your nose with great force

Contact your doctor or the nearest emergency hospital if you experience:

• heavy nosebleeds
• rise in body temperature above 38ºC
• worsening of nasal pain and nasal congestion
• swelling, redness, and increased temperature in the wound area
• abundant yellowish-green discharge from the nose

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