Peavalu neuroloog arsti vastuvõtt migreen


Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases. Neurological medical care is provided by a neurologist. The main reasons for consulting a neurologist are headaches, migraines, strokes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, multiple sclerosis, meningitis and encephalitis.

You can come to a neurologist without a referral. However, the Health Insurance Fund only covers referral-based consultations.

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    Appointment with a nurse specialising in neurology (Parkinson’s)

    With a doctor’s order, the neurology nurse consults and monitors patients with neurological disorders and diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s) throughout their treatment course. If necessary, the nurse will conduct a GUSS (Gugging Swallowing Screening) test during the appointment to evaluate swallowing difficulty as well as consult the patient about the disease. Neurology nurses specialise in patients with headaches and Parkinson’s disease. 

    Patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease are monitored and consulted by a neurology nurse specialising in Parkinson’s disease. They explain the nature of the illness to the patient during the appointment. In addition, the patient is educated about the disease, how to take medication and how to keep a Parkinson’s disease diary. Additionally, the neurology nurse monitors the use of medications and they inform the patient about potential side effects. 

    Appointments financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund can be booked by calling +372 666 2727 or visiting the National eBooking System » A referral from a neurologist is required to register for an appointment.

    Neurology nurse appointment / Estonian Health Insurance Fund appointment
    30-60 minutes

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