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Child and Family Centre

We want to support you in various health concerns at every phase of your child's development at the Confido Children and Family Centre. We have the best specialists – doctors, nurses, midwives, speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists – all of whom will help your family in preparing for childbirth as well as in what to do after the child is born.

We can help evaluate your child's development and health indicators; we can also refer you to the correct specialist, if necessary. We have specialists for various health concerns (paediatrician, allergist, infectious disease specialist, pulmonologist); family doctors and general practitioners, nurses as well as specialists focused on children (e.g. physiotherapist, massage therapist, baby swim instructor, sleep counsellor, chiropractor).


Consultation with the paediatrician

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A paediatrician deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children of all ages and adolescents up to 18 years old. You can turn to a paediatrician with any issued related to the health of a child. Where necessary, a paediatrician will refer children for any necessary further analyses and tests or to see another specialist.

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Consultation with dr Just
90 €
45 minutes
Consultation with the paediatrician
90 €
45 minutes
Consultation with the paediatrician (repeated)
60 €
45 minutes

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Confido Medical Center
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Service: Consultation with the paediatrician

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