Personal training

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining both mental and physical harmony. At Confido Medical Center, our training sessions focus on conscious training, emphasizing correct exercise techniques, personalized approaches, and promoting good health.

Discover the perfect exercise routine or trainer for your needs.

Personal trainer

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You have the best chance of getting the desired results with the help of a personal trainer. In personal training, the trainer considers the client’s current training and state of health and instructs them on how to effectively move towards the set goal.

When to choose personal training?

  • You want to reach your objectives healthily and quickly.
  • You require extra motivation.
  • You need help improving your technique.
  • You want your workouts to be varied.
  • You want someone to supervise you and help track your progress towards your desired results.
  • You want to choose the most effective exercises.
  • You want to lose weight.
  • You want to improve your results in a different sport.
  • You want to build muscle mass.
  • You want a healthier life style.
  • You are in the process of recovering from an injury.
  • Your progress has plateaued.

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Personal training session
60 €

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