Lactose and gluten intolerance testing package

Lactose and gluten intolerance is the most common digestion disorder, where the person lacks the means to digest lactose (found in milk products) and gluten (found in cereals). The symptoms may range from slight stomach ache and bloating to diarrhea, intestinal cramps, and blood in stool. Generally, the intolerance does not manifest suddenly, but only after eating the relevant foods in large quantities frequently for a long time.

Today, lactose and gluten intolerance is associated with many other disorders, including indigestion and skin problems (psoriasis, rash, tingling), mental issues such as depression, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases such as hypo- or hypertension, high blood cholesterol, etc.

Confido provides lactose and gluten intolerance testing which lets us determine if your body can digest lactose- and gluten-containing food properly. For testing, make an appointment with our nutritional consultant or family medicine specialist. You will get the results within ten days.

What is included in the package?

  • Testing
    Performing the lactose and gluten intolerance tests.
  • Analysis and explanation of the results Analysis and explanation of the results at a nutritional consulting session. Your personal complaints will be discussed.
  • Consultation with a nutritional consultant and recommendations
    Nutritional consultation for explaining the principles of healthy nutrition based on your individual needs.

How the testing is done

  • Intolerance testing is performed on a blood sample.
  • The blood sample should be collected before going on a gluten-free diet.
  • Before giving the gluten intolerance testing sample you should have some bread or other gluten (wheat) containing food every day for six weeks.
  • You should have at least an hour of free time for lactose tolerance testing.
  • For testing, you will drink lactose solution and give a total of three venous blood samples.
  • You must not eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours before testing.

We provide this service in Estonian and English.

We provide this service

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