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Personal training

Personal trainer considers your current training and state of health and instructs you on how to effectively move towards the set goal. Choose personal trainer if:

  • You want to reach your objectives healthily and quickly.
  • You require extra motivation.
  • You need help improving your technique.
  • You want your workouts to be varied.
  • You want someone to supervise you and help track your progress towards your desired results.
  • You want to choose the most effective exercises.
  • You want to build muscle mass.
  • You are in the process of recovering from an injury.
  • Your progress has plateaued.

    Therapeutic gymnastics

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    Therapeutic gymnastics is a type of treatment aimed at restoring a patient’s impaired functions, relieving pain and maintaining and increasing joint mobility and muscle performance. In the case of serious health problems, a person needs the help of a qualified doctor, but often, when the treatment has ended and the health problem has been solved, the person does not become fully healthy and active. Therapeutic gymnastics is carried out on the basis of an individual exercise programme, which is prepared by an experienced instructor taking into consideration the patient’s diagnosis and/or the recommendations of the rehabilitation doctor.

    When and for whom is it indicated?

    • cardiac patients
    • patients with joint problems
    • patients with spinal problems
    • in the case of paralysis and after traumas and surgeries
    • to maintain or restore joint mobility and muscle performance
    • to prevent false postures/positions of the spine and joints

    Why should you come to this session?

    Therapeutic gymnastics develops all aspects of physical fitness: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and endurance. It increases physical self-awareness and enhances control over your body. All these benefits help you recover better and prevent more serious health problems. 

    Therapeutic gymnastics also improves balance and joint mobility. Through physical activity, it is possible to stimulate the work of the respiratory organs and blood supply. Another advantage is the fact that it lowers high blood pressure and at the same time raises low blood pressure.

    With the help of therapeutic gymnastics, it is possible to massage the whole body at once and thereby improve metabolism.

    We ask that you come to therapeutic gymnastics in comfortable clothes and, if possible, prefer training clothes. Put on comfortable footwear.

    There is generally no tiredness after the session and you can continue your daily activities after the workout.

    Therapeutic gymnastics with a personal trainer
    50 €
    60 minutes

    We provide this service

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    Veerenni 51, Tallinn

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    Service: Therapeutic gymnastics

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