Prevention and wellbeing

Prevention and wellbeing

Massage is a method for restoring both the body and the mind. It balances the psyche, relaxes the muscles, activates the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems and increases the body’s resistance to disease.
The main reasons for consulting a massage therapist are relieving muscle tension and pain, reducing stress, recovering from and preventing injuries, increasing joint mobility and supporting health in chronic diseases.

Sports massage

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A sports massage is foremost meant for sporty and physically active people. Specific massage techniques and exercises are used that help improve performance and recover quicker from physical exertion. The massage also assists alleviating muscle tension and pain quickly.

A sports massage is stronger than a classical massage and uses more stretching, as well as techniques that improve joint movement.

When do we recommend?

  • Quicker recovery of the body after training
  • Releasing tension and pain from muscles
  • Increasing range of motion and flexibility of muscles
  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Activating the lymphatic system, improving blood circulation
  • When preferring a stronger than usual massage
  • Increasing physical capacity

Why is it good to do?

  • The massage is stronger than a classical massage
  • It is suitable for people doing heavy physical labour
  • The massage is not suitable for inflammatory diseases, fever, trauma and shocks, as well as with too low or high blood pressure