Heart health assessment PLUS-package

The expanded heart health risk assessment analyses cardiovascular risk factors, heart’s performance capabilities under stress, and gives personal recommendations to prevent heart disease. We especially recommend the heart health risk assessment for anyone interested in their cardiovascular health and wish to examine their health.

At Confido, the assessment is carried out by an experienced cardiologist and heart health specialist professor Margus Viigimaa. The team also includes a cardiologist Dr Sirje Masik, Dr Tiina Uuetoa, or Dr Hasso Uuetoa.

What does the package consist of?

  • Blood testing
    Blood glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol levels etc – 15 most important components. These allow the assessment of overall health, risk assessment for problems, such as heart disease, kidney, liver, prostate, and thyroid functioning, and diabetes risk assessment. Blood test: ALT Alanine aminotransferase, AST Aspartate aminotransferase, Uric acid, Cholesterol, Lipoprotein a, Creatinine, Sodium, Potassium, HbA1c Glycohemoglobin, Hemogram, TSH Thyrotropin, Vitamin D (25-OH), HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol
  • Body composition analyser and councelling
    During the analysis, body mass index, muscle mass, fat mass, and many other values are measured in order to assess the overall state of health. At her consultation, health coach explains the findings, gives advice and recommendations for physical activity and lifestyle choices.Read more »
  • Abdominal and pelvic examination
    Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound allows us to observe, measure, and assess the size, shape, and structure of organs. It also helps us to notice any abnormalities or diseases.
  • Lung volume and airway resistance examination
    Spirometry measures lung volume and airway resistance during forced breathing. It is an examination of lung function that can help with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) diagnosis and detection.
  • Heart activity
    Electrocardiography, i.e. ECG or EKG, is a painless procedure that assesses the regularity of the heart, cardiac ischemia, the results of a cardiac arrest, and cardiac chambers’ enlargement and pressure.
  • Cardiac stress test
    Stress test observes performance capabilities, blood pressure changes during a workout and the recovery speed. The test assesses heart’s stress abilities and the capabilities of cardiovascular and muscular performance. Read more »
  • An assessment of arteries and cardiovascular risks
    Professor Viigimaa assesses the state of the arteries with the painless procedure, explains whether you are in a high-risk group for cardiovascular diseases and can diagnose early-onset atherosclerosis and the level of its severity. The procedure does not include cardiac catheterization. Read more »
  • Professor Viigimaa assessment to heart health
    Heart health specialist professor Viigimaa familiarises himself with all the results of analyses and procedures and summarises your case.
  • Professor Viigimaa personalised counselling and summary
    At the consultation, you will receive a thorough review of your heart health, as well as recommendations physical activities and lifestyle changes that can help you avoid cardiovascular diseases. In case we suspect a more serious heart condition, we will refer you to further testing and analyses.
  • Relaxing therapy
    The selection is up to 60 minutes Traditional massage, hot stone massage, aroma therapy or vibroacoustic therapy .

It is recommended for people with:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • High blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Smokers
  • High stress levels
  • Background or family history of cardiovascular problems
  • An interest in their own health and well-being for a peace of mind

How is the health examination carried out?

  • Analyses need to be carried out at least 3 business days before the doctor’s consultation. It gives the doctor the time to familiarise himself with the results and to assess your health before the appointment.
  • Ultrasound and EKG are fast and painless. During the procedures, we ask you to lie still for 10-15 minutes. For the ultrasound, we ask you not to eat for a few hours before and to have a full bladder for the examination.
  • EKG is fast and painless. During the procedure, we ask you to lie still for 10-15 minutes.
  • Body composition analysis is measured with medical analyser where you are asked to stand barefoot for a few minutes. We recommend not eating for a few hours before.
  • Please wear light athletic clothes for the cardiac stress test. We have changing rooms and showers at the clinic.
  • The assessment of arteries and cardiovascular risks is assessed through a wrist cuff method, it is similar to blood pressure measurement. The procedure does not include cardiac catherisation.
  • After analyses and procedures, professor Viigimaa’s individual consulting and assessment takes place.

To book an appointment, please call 1330 or send an email to info@confido.ee

The package and the services included in it can be used within 12 months from the date of the first reservation of the package. We do not refund money for an unfinished package and we do not change services within the package.

We provide this service

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Heart health assessment PLUS-package
495 €

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