A medical geneticist deals with the study and diagnosis of hereditary disease conditions. The geneticist accepts both children and adults and gives information and advice about diseases, heredity, possible studies, and future treatment and monitoring plan.

Oncogenetic consultation

Some tumours are more common in families and close relatives. It is important to assess the risk of disease as accurately as possible in order to detect them early and thus improve treatment outcomes. An oncogenetic consultation is indicated for all patients with a medical or family history suggesting a possible hereditary tumour.

Main reasons for consulting an oncogeneticist:

  • Tumours of the same type have occurred in several people in the patient’s family
  • Patient has repeatedly suffered from malignant tumours during their life
  • Development of tumours at an unusually young age
  • Multi-site cancer in the same person

During the consultation, an oncogeneticist does the following:

  • Examines the risk of hereditary cancer based on individual and family medical history
  • Advises on the need for genetic testing and the appropriate tests
  • Offers a personalised explanation of the examination results, if necessary, together with the preparation of a monitoring and screening plan

In the case of a paid appointment, additional examinations and/or procedures may be necessary and will be charged in addition to the appointment fee.

Patients from the age of 16 are welcome to see an oncogeneticist. You do not need a doctor’s referral letter to book a paid appointment.


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Duration up to
Oncogenetic consultation
150 €
30 min

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