Chiropractic is a medication-free non-surgical method to relieve back and neck pain and headaches and prevent and treat joint problems. Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly and consists of exact technical movements where joint movements are manually manipulated to ensure the flawless functioning of the nervous system.

    Chiropractor reception and treatment session

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    The primary goal of chiropractic treatment is to find the cause of the problem and the most optimal solution. Accredited, university-graduated chiropractors are primary care professionals, so they can diagnose and find treatment or recommend a specialist to turn to.

    Chiropractors are most often consulted if the problem is:

    • Back Pain / Tension
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Limited neck mobility
    • Drowsiness or headaches
    • Tension in the neck, shoulders
    • “Ants” in your hands and feet
    • Feeling of pressure or swelling in the back
    • Chest pain
    • Carpal tunnel-like symptoms
    • Irritability, insomnia
    • Defects and Curvatures

    In order to obtain a chiropractor’s assessment, it is necessary to first seek an initial consultation, during which the specialist performs a thorough diagnosis of patients health, assesses the problem, confirms the diagnosis and prescribes treatment. During the visit, chiropractors will identify the possible cause of the symptoms. The history of health and its possible impact on current problems are discussed. Necessary orthopedic tests are performed. If there are no contraindications, the first chiropractic treatment will be performed.

    Chiropractor can help:

    • Pregnant women with low back and neck pain or pubic pain.
    • Newborn women with forced postpartum and childbirth pain.
    • Newborn, because the back is developing properly in the first year of life
    • Children and adolescents who are forced to sleep or sleep group problems due to exercise habits.
    • Anyone with headache, neck and back pain stiffness, dizziness, shoulder pain, “hands deaths” pointing to the carpal tunnel deaths or pain, balance problems.

    Good to know

    • Arrive 5 minutes early
    • Come to the consultation as rested as possible, comfortable to wear clothes (can be changed on site if necessary) and recommended in low shoes.
    • Take X-ray and MRI results with you if you have them. If necessary, X-rays can be performed at our center.
    • It is recommended not to take painkillers at least 4 hours before the first visit and it’s a good idea to not drink coffee 1 hour in advance.

    The length of treatment depends on your health goal. Once the initial problem has been resolved, it is wise to continue with periodic check. Spinal hygiene is not just about eliminating pain, but also following movement and rest patterns. Regular inspections help detect and resolve new issues before they become serious.

    Primary admission to chiropractic in Tallinn Gerly Truuväärt, Karl Pärjamäe
    100 €
    30 min
    Primary admission to chiropractic in Tartu Gerly Truuväärt
    95 €
    30 min
    Repeated reception (less than 12 months after the last visit) in Tallinn and Walk-in-Clinic
    70 €
    20 min
    Repeated reception (less than 12 months after the last visit) in Tartu Raatuse clinic
    60 €
    20 min

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    Service: Chiropractor reception and treatment session

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