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Microbiome testing is a new scientifically based way of evaluating health. We offer the opportunity to take a test in cooperation with the Genorama laboratory, which gives information about the quantity of intestinal bacteria and directions for achieving a balanced bacterial composition.

The microbiome is the combination of microorganisms in the intestine that influences the health, appetite, body weight, as well as mood. The test answers the following questions:

  • What bacteria are found in my intestine?
  • How do the intestinal bacteria affect the body?
  • Are there sufficient useful/too many harmful bacteria in the intestine?
  • Do the intestinal bacteria encourage excessive weight?
  • Are the nutrition and microbiome in balance or should eating habits be changed?
  • A varied and balanced microbiome combination is important for ensuring good health and achieving the desired body weight, which is achieved with the right nourishment. If the microbiome of the intestine is out of balance, it may cause disease and other health problems, incl. digestive problems, overweightness, diabetes and allergies. The results of the microbiome analysis include personal nutritional recommendations.

The test is done using a sample of faeces, which can be taken comfortably at home. Make an appointment with a Confido nurse for obtaining a kit for taking a sample for the microbiome test. The appointment will explain things related to the test and how the analysis results are obtained.

The test results are received after about 3 weeks by e-mail.

It is recommended to do a repeat test to evaluate the effects of the nutritional recommendations received with the results – the first sample is given with the habitual diet and the second with the changed nutritional and lifestyle habits.

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Microbiome test
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Repeat test
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